BUDDY OMAR-14-001 | M | 4 YEARS

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BUDDY OMAR-14-001 | M | 4 YEARS

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Breed: Golden Retriever 

Gender: Male

Age: 4 Years

Weight: 66 lbs.

Height: Average

Medical/Other Notes: None

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Buddy Omar is a wonderful boy. He loves to be massaged and loves to play, and he travels well. Initially he had some concerns about being crated, but with some positive training he now goes in his crate voluntarily and waits for a treat. He is not afraid of thunderstorms or gunshots, and has good manners. He will stop at doors and wait until invited to go through. He has gone to soccer games and parks, and been perfectly well behaved. He has a rather loud, menacing bark, and will bark back at dogs that bark at him, or if he hears something unknown, but he gets along well with other dogs, cats, goats, and sheep.

Buddy's ideal home would be with older individuals or an older couple. Buddy is being fostered by a trainer who works with GRRNT, and the trainer will be available to meet with Buddy's new family to make sure he transitions easily into his new home. This beautiful boy is ready for adoption.