WINIFRED-16-163 | F | 2 YEARS

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WINIFRED-16-163 | F | 2 YEARS


Breed: Golden Retriever

Gender: Female

Age: 2 years

Weight: Average

Height: Average

Medical/Other Notes:

  • Broken front leg, requires surgery - done 12/14/16
  • Needs to be spayed - done 12/14/16
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Winifred will not be attending meet n greets until her leg has fully healed.

Winifred and her puppies were picked up as strays by local animal control. She was limping on intake to GRRNT, and xrays showed a break in her front leg that will require surgery to repair. We will provide updates when we know more about Winifred.




Wini saw the vet today and he wants her to have 30 more days of complete rest. The bone has healed a little more on one side than the other. She still has a ton of energy and wants to use it!!  She doesn't know there is anything wrong with her! Wini's next X-ray will be in 4 weeks.


Wini will go back to the vet around 2/9/2017 to have her leg xrayed to check the progress of her recovery. She is still on full activity restrictions, and she will not be ready for adoption until the vet releases her from their care. 


Wini had her one month checkup this week and her broken leg is doing well. Happy days are here as she just got released from the far so good!  She is not allowed to go for walks and cannot rough house with her canine foster sibling yet....she really wants to do so!! She is scheduled for her next X-Ray in 4 weeks.  She is leashed when in the backyard and wears it in the house even though she is on her own more and more.  She still needs supervision as she still has a lot of puppy in her.  Wini loves food, and has just discovered the joy of peanut-butter!


Wini has been through a lot, stray with her puppies, crate time, no exercise, and now in a new foster home. She is about 3 weeks post surgery for here broken right front leg. A metal plate was used to secure the break which is about two inches above her ankle. Per her doctor she has to wear a cone and rest in her crate. Wini went to her foster home about a week after surgery, and she is not acting as if she just had an operation. She PULLED on the leash going to the car..... at the time she was on a tranquilizer....tranquilizer strength has been increased twice since then...and has helped calm her a lot. Her one week checkup was good!

Everything in the house seems to be new to her, but surprisingly she is house trained. She goes in the backyard leashed and is leashed in the house for her safety. She cannot go for walks yet and it will be another 3 weeks or so before she is fully healed. She is very gentle, cannot eat enough, and loves petting and brushing. She has a lot to learn as she is just a big puppy.


Winifred had surgery today to put a plate in her leg to stabilize the break. She will need 6-8 weeks of restricted activity to allow her leg to heal. She will not be attending any meet n greets until sometime in February.