Gidget - #11-099
Female - 2 years

If Gidget could talk she would say, “I’m so happy I can’t contain myself!” Gidget is an adorable, happy, playful, funny, wiggly, joyful little girl. She loves people, and just wants to be as close as possible, and whatever you want to do she is happy to do with you. Want to play? LOVE TO!! Want to relax on the couch? LOVE TO!! She loves toys of all kinds, balls, squeaky toys, tug ropes, and so far has left personal and household items alone completely. Gidget is good with other dogs, interested in the cat but easily leaves her alone when asked to, and just overall a wonderful, sweet and fun little dog.

Gidget is convinced anytime you open a door you mean for her to go through it with you. So she will need to learn not to barge out doorways, but that is the only habit she needs to correct. She will benefit from some basic training just for good measure, but is always willing to do what you ask anyway. This precious girl came from a local animal shelter, but clearly she was someone’s beloved companion before that, she is already house trained, very familiar with relaxing on the furniture, loads up in the car with enthusiasm, and only wants to stay outside long enough to take care of things and then come right back in. She was not familiar with a crate and really doesn’t enjoy staying in one, but that probably will not be an issue because she appears to be perfectly trustworthy in the house, so she most likely won’t need to be crated.

Gidget does have heartworms, and will need to be treated for them. She is a fun, fun, dog, very happy and enjoyable to be around, and she makes you feel like you are the most wonderful person in the world for spending time with her. Come meet Gidget, you will be glad you did!

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