Give Hope This Holiday Season

The Golden Retrievers decorating our 2018 GRRNT Golden Tree of Hope below will enjoy the holidays this year with their loving families in North Texas. Thanks to donations from caring people like you, they went to their new homes healthy and happy. They are safe, but there are others who are not. They need some hope and our help.

Donations made to the GRRNT Golden Tree of Hope decorate the tree with ornaments and presents, and may be made in memory or honor of a person or pet. Your message of remembrance will be featured below the tree on the GRRNT website.

Click on the button below to add your decoration to our Golden Tree of Hope. Thank you; we wish you the happiest of holidays!

You can go to help decorate out Golden Tree of Hope by clicking on the picture of the tree above, or the button below.

Donate to GRRNT

If you wish to make a  donation to GRRNT without the tree, you can use this button.