Looking for a way to make a difference this summer???

GRRNT is currently in need of foster homes for the summer and a special foster home with no other dogs in their home.   Foster homes are always needed and are a key component to any rescue program.  In the summer months, many of our “regular” fosters go on vacation and at the same time many dogs are being dumped at shelters.   We need help!

The principle in fostering a golden retriever is to provide the dog a home environment in order to evaluate their habits and behavior, which can help to find their best forever home.   You must be willing to temporarily allow a golden retriever to live with you and treat it as one of your own dogs. 

What is involved??  Provide a safe and loving environment for a dog who may be confused by all the changes in their life.   Foster families may need to be willing to take the dog to the vet, teach basic manners and provide a LOT of love.  All GRRNT dogs are house dogs and are to be kept primarily in the house.  

Sound like something you would like to do???   Complete a Foster application and we will be in touch with you.   We have old dogs, young dogs, middle age dogs and everything in between.  

This is Aquilla and she has decided she would really like a foster home with no other dogs!!   Aquilla is also heart worm positive and so will have to go through heart worm treatment.   If you don’t think you can handle the heart worm treatment, but have a home with no other dogs where she can rest her head for awhile……Please complete a Foster Application.

If you applied before and didn’t hear from someone, we apologize for that but send us an email at info@goldenretrievers.org and let us know.   We will get back in touch with you!!