Your donations decorate the tree with ornaments and presents and may be made in memory of or in honor of a person or a dog. To donate and help dogs in need, click here or on the Golden Tree of Hope below.



  • In honor of Molly - JL
  • Sweet Cayman - we miss you more than we can say. You were the best dog ever in the history of dogs. - CW
  • Titan - our gentle giant.  - CW
  • Maggie - we saw each other's soul so clearly. - CW  
  • Brandy - it started with you. - CW
  • In loving memory of our sweet angel J.J. and our gentle giant Mr. Buddy. We miss you so!! You are forever in our hearts!! Love, Mommy and Grandma - VK & BK
  • Autumn and Danny - in our hearts forever
  • Kodi, Kubbs and Bear - CB
  • In memory of Abby who was entrusted to us by GRRNT. She was the greatest Golden and we miss her so much. - MB
  • In Memory of: Mitzi, Joy, Callie - JH
  • In Honor of: Boost, Sango - JH
  • In honor of Frannie, our Golden-Beagle. We love and miss you forever. Spencer, Linda, Alix, Lance and Katie.
  • Woody, Krypto, Mac, Tex, Kelly and Frannie - you are in our hearts forever! SB
  • In memory of Robbie & Lilah - MM
  • We love you Mr. Riley, Ginger, and Ms. Riley. Thanks for the love and laughs. - The Holmans'
  • In honor of Lexie and sweet memories of Marigold, Olivia, and Mercedes. - AS
  • In memory of Kelle McCarter, a good friend and supporter to golden rescues in Colorado. - PE
  • For sweet Winifred and her pups.- AO
  • In Memory of "Bear" and "Sera" who took us down paths we could not have imagined. Miss you so much. - JM
  • In loving memory of Daisy--I miss you every day! - CB
  • For our sweet Sophie. We love you and miss you. - NW
  • In honor and memory of Billy -EM
  • Winifred's leg/medical donation - MC
  • Jaffray - She came to me as a Christmas puppy from my Uncle Jack's liter in 1971. Jaffray started my 45-year love affair with Golden's. - RD
  • In memory of Lucy and in honor of Angie DePauw for fostering our Libby - NN
  • For Stormy in memory of Apples - NK
  • In loving memory of Liberty, Delilah and Jingles. You were adored. - SC
  • In sweetest memory of my first beloved Golden Hannah. You are my reason to work rescue. I love you and miss you every day. Mom - SC
  • In Memory of Abi, Abigail Brennan Stanley - LS
  • In honor of my beautiful Cleo. The sweetest thing in my life. Mom - SC
  • Thank you for all the work you do to make sure these sweet animals are taken care of and loved. - AM
  • In memory of Alex my sweet. Katrina rescue. In honor of Dusty the Golden I rescued from Folsom Louisiana. Dusty is a love. - AC



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