Your donations decorate the tree with ornaments and presents and may be made in memory of or in honor of a person or a dog. To donate and help dogs in need, click here , or
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  • In memory of Sky (2017) who brought us so much joy and laughter. Lynn Z.

  • In honor and memory of Newport and Brinkley. Ali C.

  • In Honor of my Grand dogs, Boost and Sango. Judith H.

  • To all the volunteers who help the Goldens. Tom C.

  • For Maddie-Daddy's sweet talking angel. Roberta S.

  • In honor and memory of my Dodger Elvis (2017) who I miss every day. Lynn A.

  • Cooper, you had a heart of gold and a coat of honey. Our time with you was far too short, but we will always remember your smile and appreciate your love. Miss you buddy. Jim M.

  • I would like to honor my sister Debbie for all her dedication to the rescue of these dogs. Sharon S.

  • In honor of Cleo, Red and our beloved Hannah. The Clark's

  • In loving memory of our sweet golden boy Charlie adopted from GRRNT in November 2013. We miss you so much. Kelly Y.

  • In honor of Angeline Depauw for letting Libby become a member of our family. Nancy B.

  • For Duke, our sweet boy who has a heart of gold! Thank you GRRNT for allowing him to be a part of our family!

    For our sweet Kody and for GRALL for entrusting him to us!

    For my sweet Savannah. I was so blessed to have her as long as I did. Amy P.

  • In loving memory of John. Morgaine M.

  • In honor of Molly. Jennifer L.

  • In loving memory of my golden angels Chloe, Benny and Gus Logan. Georgia L.

  • All the sweet goldens I have loved and lost - Jaffrey, Rocket, Buddy and Rally. Robert D.

  • In memory of our Mattie and in honor of all the hard work of GRRNT volunteers. Priscilla  D.

  • In memory of Abby Spoonts. A wonderful girl and a great big sister. Brittany T.

  • In honor of Kelley B. for choosing us to be Delilah's forever home. Lisa S.

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