ADELE-17-108 | F | DOB 12/26/2016

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ADELE-17-108 | F | DOB 12/26/2016

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Breed: Golden Retriever Mix

Gender: Female

Age: 4 weeks old, DOB 12/26/2016

Weight: puppy

Height: puppy

Medical/Other Notes:

  • will need all puppy shots and spay
  • has sarcoptic mange
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GRRNT puppies stay with their foster family until they receive two sets of vaccinations, the first at about 7-8 weeks, old and then at about 11-12 weeks old. Once they receive the second set of shots they are then ready to go home with their new families. During that time GRRNT is interviewing potential adopters, and puppies may be spoken for prior to the time they are old enough to leave foster care. Due to this, they will not be shown as "available", but may become "adoption pending" before 11-12 weeks of age. If you are interested in adopting a puppy that is listed "available soon", please submit your application right away to be considered.

GRRNT is ready to rock in the New Year with the Rock & Roll litter! Stevie and her babies were taken to a local animal shelter when the puppies were just 3 days old, their date of birth is 12/26/2016. The shelter reached out to GRRNT to see if we could take them in. We have four females -- Adele, Blondie, Pink and Madonna -- and four males: Elvis, Jagger, , Prince and Santana. Mom is Stevie, a lovely blonde Golden and a very good mom. These precious pups are now two weeks old and just had their first vet visit. They won't be ready for adoption until they have received their second round of shots at 11-12 weeks. We'll keep you updated as they grow. If you are interested in adopting one, please fill out an adoption application.

Stevie unfortunately has heartworms, and will need to undergo treatment after the puppies are weaned. She will be with GRRNT for several months.





Stevie and all the puppies have been diagnosed with sarcoptic mange and will need 3 weeks of treatment. 


Rock & Roll Pupdate: There are 4 boys and 4 girls (Pink is female). The blondes are Elvis and Prince. Prince has a little white spot on top of his head in the shape of a heart. Blondie and Jagger are white, Madonna is mostly white but has a black spot on her back and one side of her face covering her eye is a mask of black and brown, Adele has the markings of a border collie being white with a nice black mask but she has some extra toes in the back so appears to have some Great Pyrenees in her lineage and Santana is black and brown. The vet says they look like they are going to be pretty big dogs. Except perhaps Blondie. She is the runt and has some catching up to do so her foster is making sure she is getting some extra nursing time.