HEIDI-17-018 | F | 8 YEARS

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HEIDI-17-018 | F | 8 YEARS

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Breed: Golden Retriever

Gender: Female

Age: 8 years

Weight: 78 lbs

Height: Average

Medical/Other Notes:

  • Needs to be spayed
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Heidi came to GRRNT from a local animal shelter.  She is just settling into her foster home and we will know all about her soon.


Heidi arrived in her foster home less than a week ago. Upon arrival Heidi was initially reserved regarding her canine foster siblings as well as her foster mom and dad.  However, later that evening Heidi came out of her shell and realized she was in a home with people who would feed her, pet her and love her. Heidi is a delight and has acclimated quickly to her foster family’s routine.  She lives with 2 other dogs and she gets along with them quite well.  Heidi is house trained and has full run of the house when her foster parents are away. She is an easy-going and happy gal who enjoys naps, being petted and going for walks. When standing Heidi’s tail is usually wagging.  

Heidi typically follows her foster mom from room to room.  Heidi finds a spot and curls up on the floor.  Although Heidi likes attention she is not demanding of it, however, if she sees one of the other dogs being petted then she’ll meander over in the hopes of also getting some attention. Initially, Heidi did not seek the comfort of a dog bed but has quickly learned how cozy they are. Heidi has not expressed any interest in toys. She does get excited when she sees her leash appear. Heidi walks well on the leash and does not pull. Her quirk is that she likes to wander from side to side while walking and occasionally go backwards. Her foster mom thinks she hadn’t been walked much in her past and perhaps doesn’t want to pass up a good smell.  

Heidi willingly allows her foster mom to groom her and is very well behaved when her ear drops are applied.  Heidi is a good eater and is very patient when her foster mom is preparing her meals.  Heidi will usually lie down in the kitchen and only get up once she knows the food is ready.  Heidi is excellent in the car and has learned to use the stairs to get in and out.  

Heidi could thrive in a home with or without other dogs.  She has a relaxed personality and would welcome a family that would take her for daily walks and give her lots of love and affection.  


5/18/2017 Heidi has gone into heat, it will be a month or more before she will be ready for adoption.