Adoption Application

Before completing your Adoption Application, please read the Terms and Conditions of Adoption on our Adoption Agreement.

Per our name and mission statement, GRRNT focuses on finding forever homes for Goldens in the North Texas area. Because of the large quantity of highly qualified potential adopters in our area, we do not adopt outside of North Texas. If you are outside of the North Texas area, we would encourage you to search out a Golden Retriever rescue that serves your local area, your local animal shelter, SPCA, or There are many excellent rescues and shelters across the country and there is likely one that serves your specific locale.

Adoption Agreement with Terms and Conditions

Please fill out the form below. Your application will be automatically sent to the appropriate people in the organization. So as not to delay or complicate the process, please answer all the questions as completely as possible. Omitted information requires a follow-up and may introduce significant delay.

GRRNT will contact your veterinarian. Please contact them to let them know.

Adoption fees are:
$350 for dogs 0-12 months when adopted
$300 for dogs 1-7 years when adopted
$200 for dogs 8 and older

Name *
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Home Phone
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Work Phone
Have all adults living in the home consented to adopting a dog?
Have you adopted a dog from GRRNT before?
If you rent, has the owner of the property given you consent to bring a pet into the home?
Do you have a fenced yard?
Please input a number in feet only.
Do you have a pool?
Is anyone at home during the day?
Do you have a dog door?
Is this your first dog?
Is this your first Golden?
Do they get along with other pets?
Are all dogs you own currently on heartworm preventative?
Have any of your dogs ever had heartworms?
Will your dog be allowed on the furniture or bed?
Are you aware Goldens are active and shed all year long?
Do you plan to take an obedience course with your dog?
Have you ever taken obedience training?
Are you aware that routine costs of maintaining a Golden averages $600-$800 per year?
Do you provide your pet(s) with annual check-ups at the vet?
Are you aware the initial cost of the Golden will be approximately $200-$350?
Veterinarian Information
Please provide the contact information for your most recent Veterinarian. GRRNT will contact your Veterinarian. Please contact him/her and give permission for us to discuss your past pet history prior to GRRNT's call. NOTE: THIS PROCESS USUALLY TAKES 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS AND MUST BE PERFORMED PRIOR TO APPROVAL OF YOUR APPLICATION.
Veterinarian/Clinic Address
Veterinarian/Clinic Address
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Veterinarian Phone
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Dog Preferences
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Will you consider a Special Needs Dog that requires medications for a permanent but controlled condition?
Would you consider a bonded pair of dogs
Are you interested in volunteering with Golden Retrievers Rescue of North Texas?
Have you read and are you prepared to sign the GRRNT Adoption Agreement?
Once the adoption has been finalized, the Adoption Agreement will be signed in front of the GRRNT Representative. A link to the agreement can be found at the top of the form.