COOPER - 19-128 | M | 1 YEAR


COOPER - 19-128 | M | 1 YEAR


Breed: Golden Retriever mix

Gender: Male

Age: 1 Year

Medical/Other Notes:

  • Needs to be neutered

Adoption Fee: $375

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Cooper is an owner surrender to GRRNT. He is a Goldendoodle with a more Golden type coat. He is a 1 year old, active, puppy. He is brand new to GRRNT, and his foster family is just getting to know him. He will be ready to find his forever family soon.


Cooper is a tall, skinny guy just a little more than a year old. We think he’s a tall as he’s going to get but may fill out some more. He’s active but not hyper and fits in very well to our family’s routine. He’s up to play or go for a walk but also just loves to lay down at our feet. He’s extremely loving and attentive to all family members and loves to come in for a hug or a pet. He is our constant loving companion. He’s extremely sweet and gentle with our boys and think he would be good with any kids.

He is a smart boy and easily trainable. He is house trained but will need coaching on where to go to the bathroom in a new environment. He’s still a pup in some ways – all long legs so still seems to be finding footing at times and getting used to his size. He is very obedient to being called and not running away.

He’s a good alarm when someone comes to the door. He takes a moment to check out a stranger and may bark but overall very friendly. He barks at new sounds or when someone enters the room unexpectedly but more just because he’s startled. He settles down over time when he’s used to a new surrounding. He had some getting used to our small dogs but now fits in well with them once we set aside separate eating/drinking areas. He was surrendered when owner developed allergies to his fur. He’s a wonderful dog and know he will make an amazing addition to a home.

Cooper’s must have list for his new home includes:

  • Love

  • Time and Attention

  • A fun-loving family

  • Patience – for training and him following you around

  • Commitment to training him

  • A good size yard

  • Ability to embrace and accept a large dog and shedding

  • Willing to crate him

  • Daily walks