LUCKY - 18-128 | M | 3 YEARS

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LUCKY - 18-128 | M | 3 YEARS


Breed: Golden Retriever

Gender: Male

Age: 3 Years

Medical/Other Notes:

  • Injured paw - being treated

Adoption Fee: $375

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6/9/2019 Lucky’s foot has finally healed!! He received the all clear from the vet to be adopted.

5/17/2019 Lucky’s wound is being stubborn, and very slow to heal. He is continuing to get wound care treatments at the vet.

4/26/2019 Lucky is staying at the vet and getting hydrotherapy treatments to promote healing in his foot. It is slowly improving.

3/15/2019 Lucky’s paw took a step backwards in healing, and so the vet had to amputate his toe. 

2/1/2019 Lucky’s foot is healing, it’s just making very slow progress. He sees the vet regularly to monitor how it’s doing. Hopefully in another few weeks we will see it heal completely.

10/31/2018 The wound on Lucky’s foot is substantially smaller, and he does not seem to be bothered by it at all The vet is concerned about damage to the bones in his foot, so that is being monitored closely. Once the open wound has healed they will do xrays again to determine if the foot needs further treatment.

10/3/2018 - Lucky came to GRRNT from a local animal shelter with a badly injured paw. His paw is being treated, and he is just settling into his foster home. We will know all about him soon.

PROFILE MAY 27, 2019

Lucky is a Great Pyrenees/Golden mix, a very sweet dog and has the Golden need to be with you all the time. He is 90 lbs and a tall dog with beautiful Golden white hair.

Lucky’s foster family says he is sweet tempered and fun, and they enjoy him immensely, but he is in many ways a typical Pyrenees. He can be independent, and thinks for himself, and may take his time doing what you ask. He does try to herd his family members at times, and they are working on teaching him not to herd with nips, and not to jump on people. He is excited about seeing and hearing strange dogs or anything interesting, but he needs to learn to have manners around other dogs. He is an athletic dog, and can jump a 5 ft. retaining wall, so he will be need a tall fence and should be supervised in the yard.

Lucky is high energy, and needs daily exercise at least twice a day. He is good with other dogs and likes to play. He would like to be top dog in his play style, and needs to have young, big, dogs as playmates. He is very good around children, but is a big dog, and he likes to herd everyone, so care needs to be taken when he is playing with children. His favorite game to play is tug rope or stretch toy with other dogs or chasing a ball.

Lucky is working on house manners, and needs to learn to leave human food alone, stay out of the trash can, and leave the toilet tissue on the roll. Soft toys and throw pillows are favorite chew items, and he likes to relocate shoes although he hasn’t chewed any of them up yet. We think he may have been harshly handled in the past, because when something needs to be taken away from him or told no, he winces and squints.

Lucky is a great walker on leash, and understands directions when needed. He is house trained and will go to the back door or come to you to ask to go out. Coming when you call is a little difficult since he loves to stay outside, and he may have to be coaxed with treats to come back in. Lucky sleeps in different location; he normally starts on a couch and then moves to tile floors or dog bed. Lucky has not been crate trained.

Lucky is a 3-year-old big boy, with the energy and attitude of a 6-month-old puppy. He needs redirection, training, and love.

Lucky’s ideal family:

  • An active family who will walk him twice a day; and will let him run and play.

  • Need to understand this a “BIG” dog that can jump over your couch from a standstill, or climb/jump a rock wall over 5 ft tall. Yard needs to have a 6-foot fence.

  • Must have large yard, maybe acreage, to give him room to run if walking is not a regular option.

  • Will give him lots of attention.

  • If they have other dogs, they should be young dogs; big dogs are better.

  • Must have experience with discipline, and be willing to continue training.

  • Must be patient, and understand that some of Lucky’s behaviors are the breed - nipping, herding tendencies, barking to get attention, etc.

Lucky is Mr. Personality Plus, he is a bit of a challenge, but he is a truly loving dog, and is so very sweet. Lucky is a kind of dog that you can create a special, trusting relationship with, and you will be rewarded 100 times over for your love and patience.