Rocky-1255 | M


Rocky-1255 | M


Breed: Golden Retriever

Gender: Male

Intake Age: Between 9 months and 2 years in 2002

Date of Birth:

Crossed Rainbow Bridge: September 11, 2014

Color: Gold



Medical/Other Notes:

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Rocky came to GRRNT in June 2002 from HSNT. He was released to GRRNT due to being very thin, skittish, and appearing to have ringworm. Rocky was afraid of almost everything, not housebroken, and had to figure out how to live in a family. It was discovered that the his terrible condition and hair loss (on most of his body) was not due to ringworm, but due to very bad skin allergies. He also had a defective heart valve. Rocky was sent to a heart specialist in July of 2002 and was diagnosed with an inoperable heart condition and the vet recommended he be euthanized or spend his life crated. At that time Rocky was deemed unadoptable by several veterinarians and GRRNT made the decision to make Rocky a permanent foster to live out his life in his foster home, which was expected to be less than 6 months.

The foster who has Rocky has let Rocky be himself since that time. Fast forward to 2014 and Rocky is still with us, having the distinction of one of the longest permanent fosters in GRRNT history. Rocky is beating the odds, loves to swim and has not missed a GRRNT annual picnic since he became a GRRNT dog. Rocky has attended all of the annual Cornwall Golden Retriever Roundups for foster parents of GRRNT and their dogs. Rocky is also a great foster brother willing to show all the fosters how to use the dog door and what fun it is to be a happy boy.

When Rocky came to GRRNT the vets thought he was between 9 months and 2 years of age, which means Rocky could be anywhere between 12 and 14 years old now, which is old for any large dog and especially a Golden Retriever. Rocky will continue to enjoy life until his body will not go anymore and he has the folks at GRRNT to thank for giving him the opportunity to be all he can be!!!


Permanent Foster Parent Update - 04/29/2014:

Rocky continues to amaze his foster and the other GRRNT fosters who get to see him on a pretty regular basis. Rocky attended the annual foster Golden Retriever Roundup held April 26, 2014 and found the spot that he liked the best! Rocky is now around 13-14 years old, which is great for any Golden!!!


The following is a mix of estimated and actual healthcare costs.

  • Veterinary Examinations: $240.00
  • Special Food: $800.00
  • Medications: $600.00

TOTAL COSTS TO DATE: $ 1,640.00 


The following individuals and families have generously donated to GRRNT in the name of this Golden. Any donations that exceed the medical needs will be used to cover medical costs of other GRRNT dogs. We can't thank them enough for their support!

  • Janet G. - Southlake, TX

  • Melissa C.

  • Ragan S.