ELI - 16-049 | M | 6 YEARS

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Eli 16049-1.jpg
Eli 16049-4.jpg
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ELI - 16-049 | M | 6 YEARS

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Breed: Golden Retriever 

Gender: Male

Age: 6 Years

Weight: Average

Height: Average

Medical/Other Notes:

  • Anaplasmosis positive - being treated
  • Needs to be neutered - done
  • Vision concerns
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Eli was picked up as a stray out in west Texas. He is brand new to GRRNT, and just settling into his foster home. He does have anaplasmosis, which is a tick borne illness and is being treated with antibiotics. Once he finishes his antibiotics he will need to be neutered. We will post information about Eli once his foster family gets to know him.  Eli will not be ready for adoption until early November.


Eli is a joy to be around. He loves people, especially kids. His favorite place to hang out is with you! Eli is not sure how to play with toys or balls, but loves to run around the yard and could be a great jogging partner for someone. Eli is curious inside the house but always comes back to settle at his foster mom's feet. He sleeps in his crate at night without a peep and is especially energetic in the morning. It’s fun to watch him run and bounce around the yard. Right now house training is a work in progress, but he is learning and that should be a non-issue shortly. He’s not used to the leash yet, but is working on it. Eli will benefit from some basic obedience lessons since it seems he has missed out on that education in the past.

Eli would be good in a home with children elementary school age and older, and he will be perfectly happy as the only dog. He has no problem with his canine foster sibling, but he is not a playmate for her, and really prefers spending time with his people. He really will do best as the only dog in the home. This happy little guy will make some lucky family a wonderful companion.



Eli went to see the eye doctor today for his recheck, and doctor said the drops are working well, and there is no progression of the inflammation in his eyes. He will need periodic rechecks to make sure his eye condition stays stable, and will need to see the eye specialist in six months, then once every year if no change occurs. Eli will stay on the eye drops indefinitely, they are only once per day and can be purchased at any pharmacy. Eli is ready to start interviewing families to find his new forever home, and will be joining us for his debut at the meet n greet on 12/3!

Eli asked us to pass along some things he would like his new family to know about him:

Things you should know about me:

  • I LOVE people
  • I LOVE kids
  • I LOVE to be petted
  • I LOVE to run around, but retrieving balls can be hard for me because I can’t see them very well sometimes (a ball with a bell in it would make a great Christmas present)
  • I wake up in the morning and bounce around the yard for a minute, then I go to the bathroom
  • I follow my person around the house and like to be in the same room – sometime I step on the back of the flip flops, but I don’t mean to!
  • I like to go to the dog park and smell all the smells and get lots of pets from other dog owners – I’m not too keen on playing with other dogs though
  • I don’t love to ride in the car, but I just lay down until we get to where we are going
  • I like to find missing socks and other laundry and put them in a pile
  • People tell me I’m handsome all the time – just sayin’
  • I am completely house trained as long as you take me out 3 times a day – I forget to remind you though so I need you to help me remember

Eli's Christmas wish is to be snuggled up with his new family before the holiday.


Eli was neutered today. The vet who did his surgery, as well as the eye specialist who examined him, have determined that the initial estimate of his age was wrong. Based on his physical markers, the vet's estimate Eli is closer to 6 - 8 years old.

Eli has been diagnosed with cataracts. The right eye does have limited vision due to the cataract. The eye specialist believes he will benefit from having surgery on the right eye, and that should restore some of his vision. The left eye is not badly affected by the cataract so it will not require surgery at this time. GRRNT is seeking a second opinion just to be sure we are choosing the best treatment option for him. We will update again as we know more about the plans for him.


Eli had an appointment with the eye specialist, and they did find some issues that will need to be investigated further to determine the best treatment. We will have more information once the specialist determines the best course of action for Eli. Eli is scheduled to be neutered on Friday 10/28/16. 


Eli will be scheduled for his neuter in the next week, but in the meantime his foster mom and his vet noticed some concerns with his vision, so Eli will be visiting an eye specialist soon to check out his eyes.