ROWDY-16-109 | M | 4 YEARS

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ROWDY-16-109 | M | 4 YEARS

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Breed: Golden Retriever 

Gender: Male

Age: 4 Years

Date of Birth: 2011

Color: Blonde

Weight: Average

Height: Average

Medical/Other Notes:

  • Ear infection
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Rowdy was turned over to GRRNT by his owner due a change in circumstances. He is settling into his foster home and we will know more about him soon.


In his previous home, Rowdy was an outside dog, but he is quickly adapting to living indoors. The name Rowdy certainly does not describe this boy's demeanor.  A few more appropriate words to describe him are docile, gentle, calm and well-behaved.  Rowdy doesn't interact much with his canine foster siblings but he is very respectful of them and they get along well.  He is housetrained and has full run of the house when left alone, and has not had any accidents nor has he misbehaved.  Rowdy is uncertain of toys and doesn't know what to do with them. The only toy in the toy box that he expressed interest in was a bone. Rowdy enjoys going for his 2 walks a day and walks well enough on the leash that his foster can walk him along with their other 2 dogs. During his first few walks he expressed no interest in sniffing but he's learning what fun it can be by watching his canine siblings. Rowdy is a very smart boy - after being in his foster home for less than 24 hours he knew which driveway to turn into as they finished their walk!  

When Rowdy first arrived in his foster home he spent a lot of time by the back door. It appears he was so accustomed to being outside that he wasn't sure of his place in the home. Now that Rowdy is learning that he is an indoor dog he is slowly integrating himself into the family. Rowdy enjoys being petted and especially loves belly rubs. He was such a good boy during his bath even though he didn't enjoy the experience he was very patient with the process. Rowdy does love to be brushed, and let his foster mom clean his ears without any trouble. With more time Rowdy's personality will flourish and he will shine. It will be a pleasure to watch the transformation once he feels more secure.  

We will post updates in the next few weeks as Rowdy gets more comfortable and settles into his foster home.