Foster Application

Please complete and submit the Foster Application below. In order to provide Foster care for GRRNT, you must also read and be prepared to sign the GRRNT Foster Agreement (click here review).

Name *
Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone
Home Phone
Home Phone
Work Phone
Work Phone
Have all adults living in the home consented to foster a dog?
Foster Home Life
If you rent, has the owner of the property given you consent to bring a pet into the home?
Do you have a fenced yard?
Please input a number in feet only.
Do you have a pool?
Is anyone at home during the day?
Do you have a dog door?
Is this your first Golden?
Do they get along with other pets?
Dog Care Experience
Are all dogs you own currently on heartworm preventative?
Have any of your dogs ever had heartworms?
Will the foster be allowed on the furniture or bed?
Are you aware Goldens are active and shed all year long?
Have you ever taken obedience training?
Do you provide your pet(s) with annual check-ups at the vet?
Do you have a crate?
Have you ever cratetrained a dog?
Foster Parent Responsbsibilities
Goldens need to be groomed/brushed once a week and have daily exercise. Do you understand these needs and are you prepared to meet them?
Do you understand that a Golden must never be placed in dangerous situations such as riding in an open pickup truck or left to roam off leash?
Do you understand the potential danger of leaving a dog unattended in an automobile?
Are you willing to arrange for Vet visits (with GRRNT Vets) and provide transportation, if necessary?
Are you willing to administer medications or treatments, if prescribed?
Do you understand that no physical punishment is ever to be used and that you will contact the foster home coordinator if behavior problems arise?
Do you understand that the foster dog must live inside your home as a loved family member?
Veterinarian Details
Please provide the contact information for your most recent Veterinarian. GRRNT will contact your Veterinarian. Please contact him/her and give permission for us to discuss your past pet history prior to GRRNT's call.
Veterinarian/Clinic Address
Veterinarian/Clinic Address
Office Phone Number *
Office Phone Number
I give GRRNT my consent to call my vet to discuss my pet's medical history. *
Foster Dog Preferences
Sex preference
Check all that apply.
Will you consider a Special Needs Dog that requires medications for a permanent but controlled condition?
Would you consider a bonded pair of dogs?
Before you submit this form please review your entries and be sure you have provided clear and complete answers.
Have you read and are you prepared to sign the GRRNT Foster Agreement? *
Your Foster Coordinator will collect the signed copy from you once your application has been reviewed and approved. A link to the agreement can be found at the top of the form.