**GRRNT only adopts to homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  If you live outside the DFW Metroplex area please check the GRCA National Rescue Committee website for Golden Retriever rescue groups in your area.**

How to Adopt from GRRNT

The GRRNT adoption process can seem a bit confusing sometimes. We've written up this step-by-step guide to help you understand what is going on and to help navigate through the process.

Adoption Fees: $425 age 0-12 months old; $375 age 1 to 7 years old; $200 age 8 and older

Step 1: Complete an Adoption Application online. You will immediately see a thank you message on the website letting you know the submission went through.

  • Applications expire 4 months from the date submitted. If it has been longer than 4 months since you submitted your application, please submit a new application.

Step 2: Typically within 5-10 days, you will receive another email indicating that your application is:

  1. “Acceptable” pending a home visit and vet check and is being referred to the Adoption Coordinator. Please continue to Step 3.

  2. “Pending Acceptance” and asking for further information. Please provide the information and repeat Step 2.

  3. “Regretfully Not Accepted”. We’ll refer you to another rescue organization that might better fit your needs.

Note: If you've not heard back from GRRNT within 5-10 days of submitting your Adoption Application, please check your email’s spam/junk folder as notification emails will come from a goldenretrievers.org email address. If our reply is not in your spam/junk folder, please email us at adopt@goldenretrievers.org. Response times vary because GRRNT is completely volunteer-based and volunteers do this in their spare time.

Step 3: Come to the next Meet & Greet and speak in person with the Adoption Coordinator. Then, meet the dogs and their foster parents.

Only approved applicants should attend the Meet & Greet. Please make sure that you've submitted an application within the last 4 months , and received an approval email that states, "... you meet our preliminary criteria as a potential GRRNT adopter," PRIOR to coming to the Meet & Greet.

Step 4: Continue to work with the Adoption Coordinator to find a good match. The Adoption Coordinator will reach out to you when a good potential match has been identified. Don’t hesitate to check in with the Adoption Coordinator to see how things are going or to mention a new dog you’ve seen on our website…and don’t forget to keep coming to Meet & Greets.

Step 5: When a good potential match is found, the Adoption Coordinator will forward your application to the foster family. Each dog typically gets four to five very strong applications. After reviewing all of the applications and considering what is best for that specific dog, the foster family will either pass on your application or arrange to bring the dog to your home for a home visit. This is another great reason to come to Meet & Greets. You’ll get a chance to meet the foster families and develop a relationship with them. If a foster family passes on your application, please go back to Step 4.

Step 6: The final adoption decision is up to the foster family with guidance from the Adoption, Medical, and Foster Coordinators.

Step 7a: The foster family will notify the applicants that they were NOT the best fit and encourage them to try again. Head back to Step 4 and contact the Adoption Coordinator to discuss options.

Step 7b: The foster will notify the applicants that they ARE the best fit for the dog, and will arrange a time to bring the dog to the adopter's home for a home visit. If the home visit goes well, they will complete an Adoption Agreement with the adopter, and collect the adoption fee. The dog will stay with the new family at that time.

Step 8: GRRNT will follow-up with you periodically to ensure the dog is doing well in your home and address any other questions or concerns.

Step 9: Keep us informed with pictures, updates, and stories. We love to hear how former GRRNT dogs are doing and want to spread the word of their happy lives. Just send them to info@goldenretrievers.org and we’ll take it from there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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