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Rescuing Red

This is Red, a 4-month-old Golden puppy with parvo who is currently fighting for his life at the Veterinary Emergency Group in Dallas.

On Wednesday night, we receivedĀ an urgent plea from Dallas90, the community outreach group for the Dallas Animal Shelter. DAS had a golden puppy that tested positive for parvo and was in bad shape. We rushed down to get him and take him to the Veterinary Emergency Group. He had a very high temperature that they were finally able to break overnight. At that point, he was slightly more stable so they could begin feeding him through a nose tube.

His blood pressure has remained scarily low despite medications. Late yesterday, they started a plasma transfusion. He continues to have a guarded prognosis. One positive is that he could lift his head a little and wag his tail a few times when we went in to check on him yesterday.

100% of your donation supports GRRNT in rescuing and caring for Golden Retrievers in the North Texas area.

According to DAS, Red was brought in after being “found as a stray in the community”. The sad truth probably is that someone dumped him. They knew he was sick. They couldn’t or wouldn’t spend the money to save him.

But with your help, we will.

Red’s vet bills are estimated to run between $8-$10,000. Together, we can pull him through this and get him ready for the forever family he deserves. Please help us turn money into miracles for Red.


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