The Rocky Fund

Meet Rocky. From early in his life, he had seizures that were extremely severe and, in an attempt to control them, he was medicated with Phenobarbital to the point that he lived as a zombie. He had no energy and no interest in his surroundings; just a glassy stare from where he lay. Even with the medication, he experienced frequent seizures that left him as though he were brain damaged.

He was released to GRRNT in this severely disabled state, the cost of his medication was significant, and he could not be adopted because of the medical costs and his condition. His quality of life was such that GRRNT was facing a decision to end his short life. At that point, the group decided to pursue an extensive analysis of his condition by a noted animal care center in Dallas. That analysis and further consultations led the group to try a number of different approaches to his treatment. Fortunately, Rocky's quality of life significantly improved, but the costs of the new treatment and new medication were rapidly escalating beyond the group's resources. At this point, donations were solicited, fundraisers were held in Rocky's name, and enough money was raised to more than cover his treatment.

Rocky's story has many happy moments. The new medications and a vegetarian diet reduced his seizures from daily occurrences to monthly episodes of much-reduced severity. His energy and quality of life improved to the point that he found a family and was adopted! His new family continued to pursue treatment and, as a result, Rocky had many joyful days, bounding and playing like any young Golden. His seizures were significantly reduced to the point that he was finally a normal dog.

Sadly, Rocky passed away, not due to the seizures, but to the sudden onset of a serious heart condition. His Forever Family and close friends were there at the end to say good-bye to our courageous, loving boy.

Because of the success of the Rocky Fund and in memory of him, the Fund has retained his name and the proceeds are reserved for other cases of extreme medical needs. Rocky's life is a great success story and his legacy is the fund which continues today.

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